Saturday, December 20, 2008

Happy Generic Holiday to suit your Religious Preference! -Anthony Torres

Season's Greetings! I mean, how have you all been? I feel pretty bad for not posting for a whole month. I have been too lazy to take pictures of my art. But yesterday I was in a mood. Now, on to the commentaries! This is just about the coldest holiday season I can remember, being in the 40s during the day! Yikes! I was at Disneyland the other day, and man, it got chilly.

Sorry about the non-Christmas like drawings. A Jackalope is as close as I'm going to get. Maybe you can come back after the holiday season when I'm in the mood again to take pictures.
Why is he old? Well, how many other Jackalopes do you see parading around? He could be the last of his kind, or the last animal with opposable thumbs to be able to hold a cane. Either way, he's old.

Depth! Hopefully you'll be seeing more of this great character.


Sumo Charlie Brown! Haha, such great times of drawing in school books, ah, such classics. Schultz could have made some serious profit off this guy.
This was a total accident! I was just throwing them and WHAMO! A strait-ish line. This (for some reason) reminds me of the providence of God. And no, I did not draw this.

Many of you were asking about my final project in my Art 80 class at IVC. Here it is. Some of the topics we could choose to draw from were, "Things from your childhood," "Memories," "Things you do daily," ...and all the good stuff. So, somehow these things fit into these and other categories.

I still feel kind of bad about not putting in anything about Christmas, or the season. So, this will be a bit of a three part post. And yes they are totally unrelated topics. And another yes, this does mean that you will not be expecting me to post anytime soon. I guess I am kind of lazy in that way too...

Wow, Christmas time seemed to come early this year, yet the actual day seems so far away. I believe that this might be blamed on the music. Christmas music, or "holiday" music seems to come earlier and earlier. And the stores (that haven't gone out of business due to the Economy) decorate for it the day after Halloween. -And Halloween starts in August. But let me not get off topic. This year doesn't seem to be as into fideism and more into more of just have a good time on whatever generic holiday-thing you do. And please, I hope that didn't offend you because of your religion, or lack there of.

All right, let me get off a topic that might possibly offend, and get onto the stuff you came here for; Me being funny! Yay! ..wait...

You know what makes me laugh? What people come up with in their Christmas letters. Reading each one from a family from year to year; can you really tell the difference? I guess since it has been a whole year they hope you forgot. Or more likely the parent writing it probably forgot what they wrote the previous year. And it seems to me the only thing that is different from year to year anyway is the ages of the kids. And it is funny how they always put the ages in there anyway... they are just going to be one year older from the previous year...or did you forget that too? I also like how they start, "Dear Loved Ones," wow, how generic can it get?
Another thing that is kind of funny is how the person writing it tries to write it in third person, and usually gets very confused when they have to put that sentence about themselves in it: "I or Ben, um..." Very intriguing.
So, all this to say, that I decided there wasn't enough of me in my family's Christmas letter this year. So, I am going to write my own.

Dear Loved ones,

How has your year been? Well, I will find out in February when your letter gets here...

Ben thinks this year has been great! Ben is a year older than he was last year, and loves all the same stuff he did a year ago. He still thinks he's funny, and still uses the same old material he did last year as well.
This was an exciting year for me, I mean Ben, I, I mean he-did a lot of things. One thing I-he did was shave for the first time. It was humorous for everyone to watch and adore me. -I mean him.
Ben enjoyed his Disneyland pass and his San Diego Zoo pass and will still enjoy the Disneyland pass till January 6... I don't know when the other one expires. Neither does Ben.

As usual Ben said some adorable things this year, Ben didn't write them down for him to, uh, I to, um, me to, tell you. ...?

Ben wishes you a Happy and Non-offending Holiday Season! And I hope you have a Merry new year!

With love or something, Me.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Every Thanksgiving I go out and play football. This was our "2nd Annual Turkey-Bowl" we had for our church. I actually just got back from playing. Let me tell you, it was muddy.
So, yeah, I'm not really a fan of taking pictures of drawings, but this will work for this Thanksgiving. Have a good one.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Band on the Run!

This is a video of one of the seminars at the Worship God 08 conference I went to this past summer. I didn't actually go to this one, so this is why I needed to watch it. This is an excellent video, about 75 minutes long, called Band on the Run. In this Bob Kauflin teaches on how to fit in to accentuate the words, and more serve the congregation with your playing. It will probably bless you most if you are apart of a worship team, or play any instrument, but even still this can effect you in more than one area. Enjoy!

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Hey, if you can make out what these things are, low fives for everyone. But, hey, look, it's our ol' buddy Jim, the Pirate, upside down.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What do you mean a month late?

Hey guys, I'm back! A while back, my art professor had us draw monsters for homework. Well, it just so happens I didn't do any of these, in fact I did these a couple days after I did the homework. And these are all more like aliens. But they were still fun to draw, enjoy.

Friday, November 14, 2008


The other day some friends and I got on the subject of pirating movies. The topic actually brought back some old and nearly forgotten memories. In the little old city of Pasadena, I was great friends with my neighbors. One of my best friends happened to own of few of these "very early released movies" and in my blissful, young, 9 year old days this was awesome! I remember this one specific time I asked him how he got a movie when it just left the theater. "My mom goes to this place in LA, where they sell these." He said.
"Cool," I thought.
Another instance, which I can't remember was before that one or after, my friend brought over a movie that my other brothers already watched in theaters. I repeatedly asked about the bad quality of the film, and it was that day that I was really informed on the subject of "pirated movies."

So, about this drawing, if you can see it in the drawing, (which I blame entirely on not having a scanner) is that the pirate is pirating the movie on his cell phone. Other things about this drawing after looking at it is the skull on his hat, if the skull has no eye balls, why would he need a patch over his eye socket? Either that, or he should have two patches... Another thing is the movie that is playing, no, it is not supposed to be a real movie...if it looks just like one to you, then sure, that's what movie it is. If you're wandering what is happening in the movie, use your imagination. But the current line is, "Yes, yes it is true, I am a vampire."
And no, it is not Twilight... I can save a disgusted post on that another day. *Wags head in shame,* You poor, fooled, people you.

Well, on the subject of movies, I was bragging off the other day how I hadn't watched a movie in a long time. And I think maybe a week later I had managed to watch, Pirates 3, The Pursuit of Happyness, and Journey to the Center of the Earth. Let me tell you right now, as a part time movie critic, Pirates 3 and The Pursuit of Happyness, are must sees. Journey to the Center of the Earth might have been better if I had seen it in 3D, like the movie was filmed to be in.

All right, I will probably be posting again fairly soon, considering Thanksgiving and all that.
Bye all, see you soon.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


This is the third Sovereign Grace Mission Video. This features CJ Mahaney, the lead pastor of Sovereign Grace Ministries, and Joshua Harris, the senior pastor of Covenant Life Church in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Hey, all I'm sorry I haven't been posting much recently but I hope to back to scheduale...or back-er anyway... \:^b

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Labor Day

"And I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free
and I won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me,"

Labor day is a wonderful holiday. A day to celebrate that part of the song above. But in America today, we will do anything we can to get out of labor. Six days shall you work, Nay!
I always thought it funny that on Labor Day, we don't do any labor. Everyone gets the day off of work and school or whatever. So, if we were still going with God Bless the USA, the next part (if about now'a days Labor Day)...

"And I gladly sit down, and not do work, and defend that still today,
'cuz there I know doubt they worked real hard, now there's no work for ME!"

OK, so, as a "good little American", I love getting the day off. No work for me! Yay! But I don't know if that's quite the right attitude. One nice thing about Labor Day, is you can spend it with your family. Growing a relationship with your loved ones is already a good enough idea to take the day off. Another helpful thing I have found is think about those who died so that we can take the day off, (and I guess have a free country...)
Another helpful thing I have found is pray. Pray for those who were before us, those who are now in places of power in our country (which will be great because of our new president), and pray for the future too. I visited a church recently where they stopped worship to pray for the children. I thought that that was such wisdom, pray for the next generation.

I am proud to be an American, where I know I can celebrate God freely. What a country we live in? God bless our new president, God bless this country. We need it!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Halloween story I made up as I went along. (Day late)

Jason ran home as fast as his 4th grader legs would take him. "Oh, boy," he thought. "Today's the day!" As he was running down the street he was thinking on what he should wear tonight trick-or-treating. After the crossing guard had held up the stop sign in her hand, Jason darted across the intersection.
"Better slow down," said the crossing guard. "We wouldn't want anyone having actual blood on their costumes."
Jason paid heed to the comment and slowed his pace a bit. When he arrived home his mom welcomed him with a loving smile,
"Hey, Jay, how was school today?"
"Fine," he said in quick breath ignoring the poem, and ran up the stairs. He caught his breath, and shot over to his closet. He reached in under his shirts and pulled out some drawings he had done the past week. He beamed, admiring his average 4th grade art work and walked over to his bed. He had to decide between one of his many sketches. Tenderly he looked at each one, eyeing it over twice to check each detail. Jason decided he would choose one of the following, a vampire, a mummy, a vampire bat, or a ghost. He then began thinking how any kid his age would, "Which would be the coolest?"
Vampire bat, was definitely the coolest choice... but how to make it? He searched around his room and couldn't find anything that seemed to match anything in his drawing. He strolled down stairs and showed his mom the choices. Making sure to accentuate the "awesomeness" of the bat.
"I think they all look great," she said, the typical mom response.
"I know," he said. "But how can I get the stuffs to make this?"
"Um," she said, looking around, "You could always look in your sister's room"
Jason shuttered at the thought, "Anywhere else?"
"Well," she said, putting her hand on her hip, looking at the papers. "I can think of how you could make some other wonderful, just as cool, costumes."
Jason knew where this was headed, and decided to look around the house for objects for the bat idea.
Jason crawled up the stairs to his room, and through the window he saw some kids from his school already starting trick-or-treating at the house down the street.
"Oh, no," He cried. "I'd better hurry!"
He quickly ran around his room in a panic, searching for anything that might solve his dilemma. Exhausted, he slumped down on his bed and tried to think of anything that would save him from total embarrassment. As bad as it sounded, he would have to go get his sister's help. He walked down the upstairs hall and knocked on her door.
"Yeah, what do you need?" he heard his sister call through the door.
"I need," he paused, trying to think of some way to get her to let him get the stuff he needed. "I will give you some of my candy if..." Just then the door swung open.
"If what?" she said in a lighter tone.
"If I can get some supplies for my costume." Jason replied.
His sister turned and slowly started walking back in her room, "How much candy are we talking?"
Jason had to think about that one, "Some," he said, still thinking.
"OK," She said starting to close the door. "See ya."
"No wait," he cried, "I will give you all the M&Ms I get tonight."
With that, she opened up the door and pulled him in the room. "So, what do you want to dress as?" she asked him, tugging away his drawings.
"The vampire bat!"
Jason watch her scrounge around the room, every once and awhile looking at the sketch.
He walked over to his sister's window and saw the kids crossing the street heading in the direction of his house. Panicked, Jason pulled the curtains shut.
"Here," she told him, "these will have to do. Now stand still."
She pulled out of her pants pocket a tape ruler, and measured Jason's arms and side.
Jason turned in the direction of the window, "How long is this going to take?"
"Do you want your costume or not?" His sister replied impatiently.
Then his sister started pulling out cloth, strings, face paint, and other things Jason had no idea what they were out of her closet. She worked delicately but quickly, Jason stood hoping he was starting to look like his drawing. What seemed like and hour to Jason, his sister looked satisfied and Jason slowly walked over to the bathroom mirror. He had turned to the side to fit his wings through the doorway. He looked at the mirror and looked at the drawing, they looked none at all the same. Jason was about to wail when he heard the doorbell. Stunned, he slowly walked toward his room.
"Jason," his mother called from downstairs. "Some of your friends from school are here."
Jason didn't know what to do.
"Jason," he heard again.
He knew he was licked, and had to go down the stairs and face his friends. He strolled down the stairs, feeling the paint dry on his face, continued down and walked to the front door.
He saw his mom looking at him, his friends, and other kids from school all watching him come.
"Wow, you look great, sweetie," his mother said.
Jason came a little closer, he saw his friends costumes, they didn't look that great. There wasn't anything special about theirs, they were the typical costumes. Some kids were ghosts, some were mummys, there were even some that were vampires, Jason was the only one there, and that he even saw that night that was a vampire bat! After Jason waved to his mom, he and his friends started around the neighborhood.
"Your costume is awesome, Jason!" said David. "Who made it?"
"I designed it," Jason said pulling out his drawings from his pocket. "But my sister made it."
"Wow," said Caleb, "Can you two make my Halloween costume next year?" And all the other kids asked the same question.
"Sure," said Jason, "but it might cost you your candy."

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happy Hollows Eve

Hey, everyone, sorry my posting has decreased. But the loss of my scanner is the best excuse I can come up with. Of course my scanner gets taken away only a couple months before my art class started at the community college. But I'm not bitter...cough...anyway, here is some homework I did last week. They both got B+, I think that's why I'm making that face in the first picture. Art 80 Drawing has been an interesting experience, as it is, my first art class and actually my first college class as well. Yeah, after that sentence you're thinking I should have taken a grammar course. Yet again, not bitter.

My art professor loves Halloween, she's been talking about it since the beginning of the semester. The still life we'll start this Monday she has been drooling over almost as long. I don't really know what all the hype is. I mean, all that we do on Halloween now is dress up, go to stranger's houses, and expect them to give us candy. Originating from 'All Hollows' Even' or 'All Saint's Day', how could this go so bad? Well, looking back, its the same sort of thing that started the Marti Gras. You have to give up something, so let's eat, drink and be merry. Do all the bad stuff we can! Yay! Ok, so if you look it up, that is a very brief and opinionated version, but mostly true my opinion.
So I actually have been drawing skulls for homework all month. Pretty fun, for the first two. And first charcoal one. ...well there you have it folks, my art!
Scanner, man I miss you!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sunday, October 12, 2008

2008 Mission Presentation Video #1

2008 Mission Presentation Video #1

Above is a link to this year's Sovereign Grace Mission's Presentation. Though you probably could have figured it out from the name of my post. Each year I like forward to the next mission's presentation video, and this one is no exception. So, check it out!

Sorry for my blogs un-cartoon-ish-ness... Without a scanner things are, well, difficult. So bear with me, and time will tell if my parents actually get one.

On a bit of a brighter note, I'm moving! I'm only moving a couple miles away from where I am now. Yay work! wait.....

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Worship Matters

I would encourage all of you to read Bob Kauflin's book Worship Matters. Bob is the head of our worship team in Sovereign Grace Ministries, and I believe that no one is more equipped to write this book then he. On his blog Bob posted some very helpful, short talks on the subject. It is very helpful, not just to check today. But all the time. Worship is our lives!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

'What is a Healthy Church member?' Introduction/Chapter 1

As some of you are aware, after Thabiti Anyabwile spoke at the Worship God '08 conference, we were all given a free copy of his book What Is a Healthy Church Member? I had been putting off reading it for many different lame, and false excuses. "Oh, I have school," "Not today, I'm busy." "Eragon? or this book?" And my personal favorite. "Well... I'm already reading 'Do Hard Things' and I don't know if I should be doing any more than that. With school and everything..." Then, I believe God brought this to my attention, "What will more glorify me?" And thus, I started the first chapter today.

Thabiti starts the book with this encounter he had. He says in his introduction,

Jenny surprised me when she started crying during our membership interview. The first twenty minutes of the interview were fairly routine. She recounted her childhood growing up in a Christian home, her high school years filled with fear, and a period of living as a prodigal during college. Then she recalled with some joy her conversion experience in a home town local church.
So I did not expect her to sob at the question, "How was that church for you spiritually? Did you grow there?" After pausing for a moment, she explained, "I expected that after my conversion someone would have helped me to grow as a Christian." She continued with a distinct trace of confusion and anger: "But it was as if people put me in the corner somewhere, as if they expected me to figure things out on my own. It was a terrible and lonely time."
How many Jenny's have you met in your lifetime? Perhaps you are a Jenny. Perhaps you have spent considerable time in a local church, or several churches. And perhaps your Christian life is not too dissimilar from Jenny's. You came to the faith bright eyed and bushy tailed, bouncing with energy and zeal to do great things for the Lord. But soon you found yourself wondering, "What exactly am I supposed to be doing a member of this local church?" If so, this book is written for you. And if not, this book is written for you, too.

Thabiti then recounts a story where a woman in his church came up to him after a service one Sunday and started to,
"...complain of her dissatisfaction."

..of things that were that were changing in the church. So, Thabiti said this in his introduction,

When she paused in her litany, my first thought was to ask her, "So what exactly would you have me to do about these things?" But in a rare moment of insight I thought better of asking that question. Instead I asked her, "So what are you going to do about the state of the church? How will you become a better member and contribute to the health of God's family in this place?"

In chapter one he talks about a healthy church member as an ex-positional listener. Which he describes as: listening for the meaning of a passage of Scripture and accepting that meaning as the main idea to be grasped for our person and corporate lives and Christians. (Wow, what a mouth full!) And what the benefits of being that listener are. And thirdly 'How can church members cultivate the habit of ex-positional listening? He lists these examples:

1) Meditate on the sermon passage during your quiet time.
Thabiti says this, "Several days before the sermon is preached, ask the pastor what passage of scripture he plans to preach the following Sunday. Encourage him by letting him know that you'll be praying for his preparation and preparing to listen to the sermon. Outline the text in your own daily devotions and use it to inform your prayer life. Learning to outline Scripture is a wonderful way of digging out and exposing the meaning of a passage. You can then use your outline as a listening aid; compare it to the preacher's outline for new insights you missed in your own study.

2) Invest in a good set of commentaries.

3) Talk and Pray with friends about the sermon after church.
-I think this would be really great to do these Saturdays. I know we do it sometimes but it should be regular.
Thabiti gives this example: "Instead of rushing off after the service is over, or talking about the latest news, develop the habit of talking about the sermon with people after church.

4) Listen to and act on the sermon throughout the week.

5) Develop the habit of addressing any questions about the text itself.
"Jonathon Edwards resolved that he would never let a day end before he had answered any questions that troubled him or sprang to mind while he was studying the Scripture. How healthy would our churches be if member dedicated themselves to studying the Scripture with that kind of intentional effort and resolve? One way to begin is to follow up with your pastor, elders, or teachers in the church about the questions triggered by the text."

6) Cultivate Humility

He gave examples and helpful advice on all of these, but for the sake of time and plagiarizing I will stick with this for now.
What a God we serve? Isn't he good? He has provided us with all we need, and his blessings are unending!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Nice, CA

Hey guys, it's me!! I just decided I would post a few of the pictures I took on our way to our family reunion. Yeah, this is actually a real picture. I thought I would get some photographic evidence so you would actually believe me. But I guess with computers and technology these days, it doesn't really matter. For all you know, the city could be called 'Sweet' or 'Fun' or 'Goody-2-Shoes'. Wait, now I'm starting to get confused...

On our way to the unclassified, named-city, we stopped in another town with another name.

What? You wanted to know what the name of the city is?

If you couldn't guess by the trolley, we went to Mr. Rodger's Neighborhood, Wait, I mean San Fransisco. You should have been able to get the real name from the clock though, right?

The cousins at Goody-2-Shoes. You know, I'm really proud of myself. For the first time in my life I am the only one looking the right way.

My, don't we look happy? Haha, this is everyone that went. And from the looks of it, we set the camera's timer on ten minutes instead of ten seconds. Click on the picture to enlarge it, and you'll see what I mean. Hahahaaa, just look at Joey's face.

On the way back from Glad, we stopped at California's Capitol.

So wait, tell me again why we picked a male-model to be the Governor? But I guess he matches the kinds of people in the state. He's not been too bad thus far... Well, that's all I have for now. It would have taken me hours to post all the pictures I took. But I'll save that for the next post. Thanks again for reading you guys!

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Ok you guys. About my next post being more "exciting"...well it isn't. But I can direct you to a blog which is always satisfying and makes me laugh just about every time. It is the blog of Shane Lewis, an artist for Avalanche, (one of Disney's video game providers). His most recent post, Beach vs. Ocean made me laugh out loud! No, I don't use "texting lingo" on my blog. I'm going to regret saying that later I'm sure.

Well, I have some bad news boys. My blog is about to become more and more on the down side of the blogs you check. (As if it was on the up side before...) What I mean is, well, we have been beta testing the printer we have from Kodak so that is how I have been able to scan pictures in. But it is now time to give it back along with our review of it. So, I'm sorry to say. I will not have any drawings on here for a long time. 'Till I get a scanner, or scan it at a friends house. My mom says she will buy one in maybe a couple months or a year....
Well, have fun. But I still will be posting, it just probably won't be drawings, and art stuff from my life. I have to expand the other things I do in my life, I suppose. Um, first I have to think of some...
But I do have some 'ok' news.. I started an art class at Irvine City Collage with my friend Colin, So, I guess I'll have to show you (as my friend Holly put it) my art in the flesh.
All right, so make sure to check these guys blogs!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mean Marlene

Hey everyone, sorry this blog has been kind of boring recently. I'm sorry to say it still will be for a while. But I can promise you that my next post will be a little more exciting.
I went of vacation to the little town of Nice, CA. And the hotel place we staid at fit it's town's name nicely. I will post pictures of the trip maybe on here or on facebook.
My cousins came up with a game called: Oh! Grandma. It is totally marketable, it's awesome! Anyway, one of the characters you can play as is named 'Mean Marlene' ...hence this drawing.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Hey everyone!! Sorry, yet another post with no pictures in it. I am too busy watching the Olympics. But just so we're all cool, I haven't been up to much, playing guitar, reading, going to the beach, going across the United States... so nothing too big or unusual.

All right, well I'll talk to y'all later, GO TEAM USA.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Monday, July 21, 2008


...was the time from getting to the theater, to getting back to my friend's house. That was Thursday, or Friday, I don't know. I always get thrown off with the midnight showings to things. The Dark Knight was amazing! I drew this before I actually saw the movie. If I would have drawn a picture after it, I would have definitely done Joker. Heath Ledger was the best actor and best...thing (for back of a better word) in the whole movie. People ask me if this one was darker than Batman Begins. I don't really remember the first one, so I can't really tell you...

I did this after the movie. Pretty much what every little kid says when they spoof Batman. And yes, I did try to draw Joker, numerous times. One time he looked like a mix between a clown and Michael Jackson. Yeah... was not gonna' post that!!

Anyway, we (Joel, Matthew and I) drove to Pasadena on Thursday. After Batman I went to Stephen's. From there I went to my cousin's. Then for his birthday party we went to Speed Zone!! We did all the stuff there, it was awesome! And then played mini-golf...not my forte. Then Joel picked Matt and I up, and we went back to Irvine, The End.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Pirates of the Carribean.

This is probably the most visited ride on all my times at TinkerBell ville, I mean Disneyland. Seriously, she has taken Mickey's place! Alert the press, wait...whatever you do, don't do that.
Anyway, that's not why I'm posting. I love the Pirates' Ride! Nearly every time I go on it I see something I have never seen on it before. So, I always try to get to the front to look out and see new things. Don't worry, I won't tell you where the secret Mickeys are. There are a couple things I like about this drawing, probably my favorite one is that the fat people in the back of the boat are making it tip up. Hey, its kind of funny that I'm posting this picture during the summer, since this is one of the one times of the year that I can't go to the Disneyland. My pass is blocked for the summer.

Now, to get into that topic that I said I would get to in my last post. Thankfully this ride never has a very long line. Some other rides there...or other rides in general just take time. What? You wait 2 hours for a one minute ride? Well, it apparently it has worked. Knotts, Disneyland and Six Flags make a fortune on it! But you know what? Unless you are waiting around for Revolution, or the Peter Pan ride for that long, it's all worth it. Well, I'd better go while on that happy note and not get into the line for that stupid Pan ride. Man, that line is longer then Space Mountain's...

Thursday, July 10, 2008


I've always heard time flies when you are having a good time. Well, this past week I have found that this is true. The only time it does not apply is when you are having "fun" waiting in line for something. But that's off the topic for now, but will be revisited in my next post.
Now as for the time being thrust through the universe, I spent the whole of last week (Monday 30 to Sunday 6) at the beach! And that's not the best part it was with all my Orange County church friends and my Pasadena church friends. Wow, what a time!
That amazing week was a battle with the elements. And just about all the elements caused to mess up the other ones. First off, we were at the beach so cold water was a bit of a battle, so water. There was fires burning right around the camp, a couple miles north. So, they needed the water. So, one day I'm right about to get in the shower and it doesn't Wind, wind was blowing all around which made the fires spread more and farther. Earth, ugh...well if you all didn't know I like things to be clean. "Why'd you go camping then, Ben?" you are asking.
Anyway, so I sort of already mentioned the problem with earth. Dirt and sand all over and no shower to clean off in before bed. Bahh!! Oh, well.
After all that long and fun camping I have been busy as a Ben. Bike riding all over town(s), going to the orthodontist, and going to the beach numerous times since the trip! Ahh, but I loved almost every second of it.
For those of you that were looking forward to some drawings today, we will get back to a normally scheduled programing in the next post.
'Till next time!

Friday, June 20, 2008

A few more Drawings

Father's Day Drawing. I did it with lions because when we were at the Wild Animal Park all the Cubs were right up at the glass. Pretty rad.

While drawing this Pizza-Joint-Guy, I imagined him singing the 'Happy Birthday' song
that restaurants are supposed to have. I have been eating out a bit of late and every time I see a waiter or a grease covered face teen sing the song, it's everything but happy.

Punk teen, hey that lolli-pop is looking kind of good. What is black and white flavor?

Ware wolf. Oh man, watch out you streets of London...this guy, dog, thing, is on the loose. Man, this would be a cool movie.

My other friends got jealous that they didn't get to be jedi's. Doesn't really look like them but that's their fault for being jealous. I love that how that guy's hoody-cape is flying up. Hahaha, I make myself laugh.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

A ton of Drawings

Careful: Ostrich with a Coffee...I went to the Wild Animal Park yesterday.

"Yo Quiero Taco Bell"

"And what's behind curtain number 3..?"
Have you ever noticed with game shows these days that they have an old, geezer-guy as host and a young-hip gal as co-host? The world never ceases to surprise.

I did this for the Toon Club topic: Jug Band. Click on it, I love it.

This is my awesome, jedi, friend, Holly that gives me awesome drawing ideas. Yes, she is a jedi...believe it.

Frankenstein's Monster...truck rally! Be there! ...Wow, that was lame.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I liked one and three better, but this was WAY better than the last Indy I posted on.

There is a story behind every drawing. Sometimes it's long and great, often times it's just "Hey, I haven't drawn that in awhile." Well, I hope you all are satisfied for awhile and I don't have to post so often.