Friday, September 25, 2009

Quick Dino sketches.

This was an evolution joke that no one really got. *Sigh* Scientists say that birds came from dinosaurs. Can you imagine the look on the parents' faces?

All I can say is, I was thirsty while drawing this. I didn't do much clean up work on these because I drew them pretty quickly.
Posting covers a multitude of un-erased marks, right? That's how I've always heard that saying anyway.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


People have told me that I sing like a walrus, (whatever that means). But maybe if I play guitar like one too, people can close their eyes and actually be fooled into thinking that a walrus is playing. Whatever that means.

Hey, guys, sorry the blog has been a little slow recently. First I was really sick with the flu. Yeah, don't ask if it was the swine flu, because the doctors wouldn't say... probably to not depress people. Although, it would be really funny if I had the swine flu after that fuss I made about it a while back. The second reason it has been slow is that I had to hook up the printer to my computer. (Lame excuse.) Third, I started school, and man have I been busy. This semester is looking so much more busy than my last semester. Thankfully this semester looks busier to just about everyone I know, so I'm not missing out.
Now, because of lame reason number 2, you won't be missing out on my blog.

Quick sketches ahoy!!