Saturday, December 20, 2008

Happy Generic Holiday to suit your Religious Preference! -Anthony Torres

Season's Greetings! I mean, how have you all been? I feel pretty bad for not posting for a whole month. I have been too lazy to take pictures of my art. But yesterday I was in a mood. Now, on to the commentaries! This is just about the coldest holiday season I can remember, being in the 40s during the day! Yikes! I was at Disneyland the other day, and man, it got chilly.

Sorry about the non-Christmas like drawings. A Jackalope is as close as I'm going to get. Maybe you can come back after the holiday season when I'm in the mood again to take pictures.
Why is he old? Well, how many other Jackalopes do you see parading around? He could be the last of his kind, or the last animal with opposable thumbs to be able to hold a cane. Either way, he's old.

Depth! Hopefully you'll be seeing more of this great character.


Sumo Charlie Brown! Haha, such great times of drawing in school books, ah, such classics. Schultz could have made some serious profit off this guy.
This was a total accident! I was just throwing them and WHAMO! A strait-ish line. This (for some reason) reminds me of the providence of God. And no, I did not draw this.

Many of you were asking about my final project in my Art 80 class at IVC. Here it is. Some of the topics we could choose to draw from were, "Things from your childhood," "Memories," "Things you do daily," ...and all the good stuff. So, somehow these things fit into these and other categories.

I still feel kind of bad about not putting in anything about Christmas, or the season. So, this will be a bit of a three part post. And yes they are totally unrelated topics. And another yes, this does mean that you will not be expecting me to post anytime soon. I guess I am kind of lazy in that way too...

Wow, Christmas time seemed to come early this year, yet the actual day seems so far away. I believe that this might be blamed on the music. Christmas music, or "holiday" music seems to come earlier and earlier. And the stores (that haven't gone out of business due to the Economy) decorate for it the day after Halloween. -And Halloween starts in August. But let me not get off topic. This year doesn't seem to be as into fideism and more into more of just have a good time on whatever generic holiday-thing you do. And please, I hope that didn't offend you because of your religion, or lack there of.

All right, let me get off a topic that might possibly offend, and get onto the stuff you came here for; Me being funny! Yay! ..wait...

You know what makes me laugh? What people come up with in their Christmas letters. Reading each one from a family from year to year; can you really tell the difference? I guess since it has been a whole year they hope you forgot. Or more likely the parent writing it probably forgot what they wrote the previous year. And it seems to me the only thing that is different from year to year anyway is the ages of the kids. And it is funny how they always put the ages in there anyway... they are just going to be one year older from the previous year...or did you forget that too? I also like how they start, "Dear Loved Ones," wow, how generic can it get?
Another thing that is kind of funny is how the person writing it tries to write it in third person, and usually gets very confused when they have to put that sentence about themselves in it: "I or Ben, um..." Very intriguing.
So, all this to say, that I decided there wasn't enough of me in my family's Christmas letter this year. So, I am going to write my own.

Dear Loved ones,

How has your year been? Well, I will find out in February when your letter gets here...

Ben thinks this year has been great! Ben is a year older than he was last year, and loves all the same stuff he did a year ago. He still thinks he's funny, and still uses the same old material he did last year as well.
This was an exciting year for me, I mean Ben, I, I mean he-did a lot of things. One thing I-he did was shave for the first time. It was humorous for everyone to watch and adore me. -I mean him.
Ben enjoyed his Disneyland pass and his San Diego Zoo pass and will still enjoy the Disneyland pass till January 6... I don't know when the other one expires. Neither does Ben.

As usual Ben said some adorable things this year, Ben didn't write them down for him to, uh, I to, um, me to, tell you. ...?

Ben wishes you a Happy and Non-offending Holiday Season! And I hope you have a Merry new year!

With love or something, Me.