Saturday, February 28, 2009

February '09

You can see how big the paper is. I took my time and spent all February working on it. You can see in comparison how much time I took from that to how I much I took to taking the picture of it, (hence the head cut off).
A lot of things have been happening this month, I have been keeping up in my college class, drawing, music, and my aunt had her baby yesterday. All right, I'm hoping to post a lot this coming month about whatever God puts onto my life... we will see.
Enjoy these sketches!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

My own style.

Using my own style I drew Peter Parker, mask off. But he's smiling so there must be nothing wrong. Or as in the movies, whenever it is an intense scene with a lot drama, mask comes off. Usually he's not smiling in the movies however.
My inspiration for starting this drawing is actually just to redeem the other Spider-Man drawings I have done. I like the way this turned out, if I was I Marvel he'd look something like this. Maybe that is why he is smiling.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Misfits.

You know that team, course you do, you know... the one that loses a lot. Though yes, the team differs from year to year, but there will always be the "losers." And I'm also sure as a kid, you probably were on one of these teams. Well, I know I was. And just in case you forgot/tried to block it out of your mind forever... maybe this drawing and post will help bring those terrible memories back into your head!

First, the leader of the team. Yeah, the guy who looks good in front of the adults and all the people on the team know he's a jerk, and has some skill. (aka the coaches favorite)
Second, the guy to his right-our left, (aka the rookie). Freshman, great kid, great player, gets beat up.
Now the next guy-right of him, (the guy with the real skill) would be the coaches favorite but is the worst sport. So all the mom's of the other players are secretly happy that this guy got totally beat up.
The next guy is left to the quarter-back/right to us. This guy takes some of the kicks, blocks, throws and tries to be funny. (aka the clown)
The short, fifth guy... no one gets past him. And might I add he is the only guy on the team not beat up. (aka the immigrant)
Even when they lost the game they still dumped the Gatorade all over the coach. And then the nerdy kid trying to get on the team walked up, (aka the water boy).

Any memories yet? You know, you could always change by trying out as the water boy?
Ok so this probably didn't make you think of anything... thanks for letting me vent off my childhood grudges on you guys, though. Ahh, therapy!

So, as many games as this team lost, and how much they got beat up, they probably still didn't do as bad as the Lions this year. 0-16 ouch. Though I bet they had the decency not to dump the Gatorade on the coach... and leave the barrel on him.