Monday, February 22, 2010

Many random things, enjoy

I have noticed that recently I haven't had any good long rants recently about stuff I barely know anything about. So, I thought I would draw your attention to my renaissance post which I just so happened to remember over the weekend. I call that one the renaissance drawing because that is when I totally tried to just copy Shane Lewis and abuse his talents, I mean use his talents to make them my own style. Or at least watch what he does and learn from his knowledge.

It is interesting how much copying someone helps improve one's style. I remember I would hide my drawings from my younger siblings so they wouldn't steal all my brilliant ideas. Now I just tell them to look at Shane's blog. I show them my stuff now, but only because they don't want to copy me that they can look at his blog. If there wasn't some real pride issues going on in my heart before, I'm sure that they are there now. Lol (which really means: looks of laughter).

I have been thinking about putting labels on my blog. That way you can see just how many times Superman and my characters from Farm City have shown up. Tagging my pre-renaissance ignorance, and my post-enlightenment era (after saw Daniel Torres' and Shane Lewis' blogs) art.

Hey, it turns out I did get a nice long post after all! Oh yeah, there is an "at" missing in the third box-second word bubble in the comic strip.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Don't "hide" the love.

-That joke is spot on if I don't say so my self. Wow, there are a lot of terrible Valentines Day puns that could follow this drawing, especially since I drew cheetahs. Haha, oh man, it is sad that I didn't think of that until after I started drawing it...

I was working on drawings for the Love Lion, but Shane beat me to it. So I had to think of other jungle cat love puns to draw.

Yes, that little zebra is a baby one. I guess the adult zebras got away. Its mama will probably be crying for months, but she will get over it, maybe. Happy Valentines day.

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Cast

I realized that I haven't really had any drawings that have all the main characters in them and their personalities. With the exception of Moody (the cow) this is pretty much what they are like. From left to right, Jake, Ralph, Fleas, Moody, Giblets, and Jazz.

I drew this while watching the Super Bowl, so that is why they are so vague about who they are voting for. Haha, what? They know how to do it... haha. Which is absolutely nothing like how was I was yesterday...while watching the game... I was voting for the Saints the whole time.

Since I have been working on this comic, I have seen a little bit of myself in each character-"For better or for worse," I guess, (which is a different comic strip altogether). Which is maybe why I drew them a little vague about the teams, I mean enthusiastic about the Saints' win! Yay! Haha...

Wow, two posts in one week! I'm on fire!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Little kids are great. I love them. Though it may surprise a few of you, but I even

used to be one! I didn't really have any art skill back then, well, not that I have any now, but I do now know some little kids who astound me with their talents. I have been a beneficiary of these kids' works, and I love what I have received.

This one above was given me by Natalie Turbedsky...she assured me this was a horse. I know you wanted color Daniel, what do you think of that? ((There is a glitch with my blog so I can't get these words to become un-underlined.))

"Or a football playing king in space."-Spongebob. Well, close...I guess it is a football playing pirate in space. He's in space, I presume, with the blue sky and red ground. It also looks like his sword has cut through the ground, but his other hand most certainly has a football in it. Good thing I got this one on here before the Super bowl.
This one was drawn by my good buddy, John Fisher. John is faithful in that on a weekly basis he reminds me that he is the dread pirate, Davey Jones. I remember when I used to pretend to be characters from movies, aka doppelganger week.

Thanks Natalie and Davey Jones for your amazing art work!!

Well, pretty soon one of you will have to come over and show me how to operate Adobe Photoshop, because it is on the way. Once I learn how to use it, it won't just be other people's drawings that are in color on this blog... It has only taken me two years and three months!

Post #: 100.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

One year and Groundhog's day

One year and one day ago I started my new year. December 2008 held some epic trips to Idaho and back. While there I heard some amazing sermons about reading the bible through in a year, and some of my fam. set out on the task. I was already in the middle of two books at the time the new year started, so I found a plan that could start any first of any month. I started the read on February 1, 2009. I finished on Jan. 31, 2010. It also happens that this year my church is making the effort to read through the bible this year. Not wanting to have to get on the pattern of starting in February, I was reading both plans through the month of January.

I don't want to say this to talk about how great I am, but to share with you something I am thanking God for. Please, thank him with me.
So much happened last year that it is hard to believe that it was only a year ago that I started the read.

God is great, and greatly to be praised!

-And Happy Birthday Alex and Nathan! Ha! I remembered without you facebook!