Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Been Working...

Hey guys, I haven't posted anything for awhile (like the April Banner), and this is due to that fact that immediately after I finished that lego drawing, I had a mock interview, and then two or three days later had the real interview, and have been working pretty much ever since. My family has also had a lot of people staying over too, including the week I got the job, and we also went on an Epic-Trip-Vent-acular 2! So, I really haven't been home to do cool stuff, or have any fun.  But, I have been making cool stuff at work! I have done a ton of images, even more than I would if I was at home.  Too many to post here, but here are a few I was given the night I was supposed to pack for the trip.

 These are images for different categories of articles we going to have on our new website. Apparently our company Prez. is gonna' write some articles... news to me. 

I made the tech articles one look like Mario. :P

Lifestyle articles... I'm still not sure what this means exactly. 

So, I thought it would be a good idea to show you a little bit of the process of making these puppies. They usually come out way different than they start. As you would imagine, I begin with an idea, and look. For the Career Articles image, I decided to do something simple. Generic-man, or bathroom symbol guy with a suit on. 

Here is the first concept picture. Ok, but not too exciting, or anything special. My boss wanted more... 

This time, a little better, at least its not sexist now. My boss wanted something not so "kids and felt-board looking," and more modern. So, I looked up the show Mad Men, some blogs, fashion sketches, and Erin Esurance.

And voila! A modern day masterpiece. Actually this one is still in the works. My boss wanted faces, however, I like them more without facial features. But, I stuck my signature in there, 'cuz this one has taken a lot out of me.  But has been a lot of fun. 

Well, that's it for now folks. There are plenty more I could post, and probably will in the future, especially since I am dropping my summer class to work on stuff like this. Now, to go and drop it. :P Don't worry April Banner, I haven't forgotten you!