Friday, April 30, 2010

It's Life

Ok, I don't have any new drawings or anything cool, but I do have something to post...

If you came to my blog looking for my usual cartoons, then you can just go away, no don't do that. If you came to see any of the other things that I say that I have on my blog such as life and writings, then you'll only be half disappointed. This is about life; not my life exactly, but life. It's life.

If you have been wanting to see some drawings, I have been doing this with my brother Matt instead, sorry, but don't leave. These are funny, at least to me.

Check out It's Life posted by mrmrlamplamp on Not to be confused with lamp, Mr. Lamp, Mr. LampLamp, Mr.Mr. Lamp or Mrs. Lamp. And no, the character's name is not mrmrlamplamp in the videos, it is all they had left on youtube.

Here is the first episode.It's Life - First Episode First episode-huh, usually a good place to start.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Saturday, April 17, 2010


When I thought, "My foot slips," your steadfast love, O LORD, held me up. When the cares of my heart are many, your consolations cheer my soul.
-Psalm 94:18-19

Psalm 94 is full of comforting verses; line after line of encouragement. These two verses specifically have been a blessing and have helped me.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Last Month

As I said I would post some drawings from last month and one from before that, here is what I got. Next month I will get around to posting pictures from this month...

I've kinda been waiting for color on this guy-Shaun White as the Vancouver Olympics guy. That was February.

This one above is the drawing for my spring break, which consisted of fun times with the bros and friends and many crazy games of ball tag.

And this guy...your guess is as good as mine...I drew him in my math book. Picking that heavy book up was kind of a pain.

Those drawings pretty much some up last month, fun times followed by a ton of catch up school work.

As I said a little earlier, and this is a little of a disappointment for those of who check my blog somewhat regularly, all two of you, I have kind of been waiting to draw/post until I have figured out how to use Photoshop and can color my drawings. I kinda' need someone to teach me how to use it. I believe it is time to get out of the old days of black and white and move into the new age, the color age, similar to the 1860s. It is too bad it has taken me this long to get the idea...color is the way of the future.

You know, this whole Photoshop usage stuff reminds me of a story:

Once upon a time in the middle ages (somewhat like the days before the 1860s), there was a young boy named Bart. Bart lived in a small village with his family, and like most homesteads in the middle ages, his house was made of sticks and straw just like all the other houses in the village (note: his house was not made from pig one and two). Bart loved weapons, remember that now.
One day his grandfather came for a visit, bringing along many wagons that had tarps draping over their contents. After Bart and his father helped his grandfather get the wagons in, his grandfather gave his grandson a present. It was the latest catalog from the Med-Evil Times that was trying to sell the latest in good attributes and big time weaponry. "You may choose one to be your own, but," his grandfather told Bart, "you must make the choice wisely."

"Wow," Bart answered, "One of my own!" After one quick glance at the first page, he made up his mind, "That one," he said.

"That one?" his grandfather said lifting his brow, "you don't take your time deciding, do you?"

The "one" was a randomly combusting bow and arrow combo. "You don't even know how to use it," his grandfather continued as he flipped to a page on good attributes.

"No," he replied, not look at the catalog any longer.

His grandfather looked into his eyes, "Perhaps before you purchase that one, you first learn how to use it. There is nothing more important than knowledge and wisdom."

"Yeah sure gramps," Bart said, "get the arrow man."

"You sure you don't want knowledge to learn how to use it?"

"Grandfather, you said whichever one I chose..."

With that his grandfather reached under the tarp and pulled out the arrow that would light itself on fire. Bart's grandfather handed him the weapon. The boy could hardly believe this was happening, it was the first real weapon he was going to be allowed to hold. Bart snatched the bow and the arrow, slit the arrow on the bow, and launched it into the air. As the arrow traveled it caught itself on fire and landed right on top of his own home. The sticks and straw didn't hold up too well against the flame from the arrow. As Bart watched his home be destroyed, the bow randomly combusted and burned his hands. By the time Bart looked up from his own troubles, he saw half the town was burning down. The boy turned to his grandpa who he thought was standing right next to him, but he was uncovering the wagons, revealing that all the many wagons were filled with jugs of water. Bart's family and friends were saved by the grandfather's Y2K scare size amount of water which he brought in the wagons.

"If I had asked for something else this never would have happened!" He exclaimed and his grandfather looked pleased, "I knew I should have asked for the spike ball and chain from the catalog!"

"Perhaps instead if you would have asked for knowledge," his grandfather answered, "none of this would have happened."

"Oh yeah," Bart answered, "I wish I had some now."

His grandfather took him by the hand to the last wagon, "You're gaining wisdom my grandson, now gain some knowledge." He reached down into the wagon and pulled out the Med-Evil Bow and Arrow Manuel. "You can still like weapons," he continued, "you just have to know how to use them."

Ya, so that is exactly like what Photoshop is like. Since I don't want to run into something I don't know how to do and burn up the town, I am waiting to post until I have knowledge about Photoshop. So that is why I haven't been posting as often.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Here fellows is the most masterful piece of art you have ever seen...and it can take the place of last month's complete lack of art. April Fools! Well, at least to the first half. If you opened your eyes today, or didn't and just saw the back of your eyelids, you saw the greatest art of all-God's art. No April fools joke in that.

Well another not April fools joke was yesterday in Spanish class. Apparently each of us were supposed to bring photos of ourselves as kids to class. In my exceptional Spanish to English translation skills I heard that it was due on a Wednesday, apparently I must have paraphrased and got my weeks mixed up. Yeah my skills are "exceptional." Anyway, I did realize once I sat down that something was awry...or at least once I saw everyone in class had pictures of themselves as kids. "That was today?" I asked myself, wondering how I had messed that up. Just then I remembered that my teacher said that if we didn't bring a photo, the only exception was we would have to draw a picture of ourselves. Still confused about my language skills, I debated how I was going to draw myself. Thankfully the guy who sits behind me also had exceptional translating abilities and gave me a great idea. "Yeah, I'm just going to draw a stick figure or something," he said. Later when the teacher came by and asked in Spanish if I had a picture, I translated this one a little better and said, "Un dibujo." I grabbed a piece of paper while the people I was supposed to talk with about the photos looked on and with my exceptional three second drawing skills. "Add some hair," said one of the people, "and some teeth." We were supposed to have other people in some of the photos were were supposed to bring. So, I drew my brother, or my cousin...or my uncle? Stick figures don't have exceptionally outstanding features.

And that is the true story of the "exceptional" art above. April Fools! Ok, most of it was true. Obviously my skills are a joke, but I don't get to say April Fools very often. It is such a great holiday when you think about it. A whole day devoted to pulling pranks on each other. Man! I wish April came around more often. April Fools! I wish summer came around more often, and that isn't a joke.

Hopefully I will be posting some old drawings that were forgotten about from the end of February and all of March. There were not very many exciting things that happened last month. April Fools! ...Guess you will have to wait and see...or hear...or read...