Monday, July 13, 2009

"The Fam!" -'What about Bob?'

11 days ago or something like that, my family had its normal ritual of not being at the house all summer long, aka SUMMER FAMILY VACATION ROAD TRIP! That's a mouth full.

This trip didn't consist of anything too new or too different from last years ritual past time, but a new experience all in all. But as most summer family vacation road trips go it consisted of the same ingredients: Early mornings, fast food, long trips in the car, electronics, books, music, family, fast food, more family, more long trips in the car, grease, zits, fast food, tents, sleeping bags, flashlights, fast food, rest stops, smelly breath, late nights, sun burns, MORE family, and fast food. --Day one.

Now, I'm a considerate blogger. I don't like to talk about events longer than they actually took place, so I have come up with two sections to this post. The first one is for those of you who don't wanna read for an hour but are considerate enough to check my blog. The 2nd is a little more detailed and a little longer. Both will say practically the same things. Hopefully I don't write 10 days worth of stuff. Oi, I feel arthritis coming on...

The First One.
Day one, we drove up to the Red Woods and camped with my cousins. We were there for three days. Then we drove up to Oregon to see more of the same side of the family and to go to one of my cousin's wedding. We were there for three nights at least, idk about the days. After that we had a family reunion in Southern Oregon with the other side of my family right on the freezing beach. We were there three days. End of "The First One".

The Long One, (Second One).
Friday morning, the third, I believe it was; we woke up bright eyed and bushy eyebrowed ready for our ten day trip. I didn't get any sleep in the car, but I still did a lot of fun things (as far as car riding goes). After a long drive up to Northern CA we were deep in the heart of the red woods, and we could feel the beat that the country played to. Stupid banjos.
I have only been in that part of the Red Woods once before and man I wish I would have been more. I had sooooo much fun straining my neck and eyes to see the tops of the enormous redness. If you have never been threw the Red Woods before to give you an idea of how big the trees are they cut out a small part of one huge tree that cars drive through!! Also, the trees are so big that at when we got there it was still hot and sunny and once we got under the trees the temperature dropped and we set up camp in the dark. *Whew* that was a long sentence. We left there half way through the day on the 6th.

We drove up to Corvallis, Oregon that day and continued to camp, but this time it was in my Aunt's backyard. We sort of had a family reunion on that side of the family there because we were all there for my cousin's wedding. There was so much good and red meated food the day before the wedding that the night before I ralphed it all up. I had such a wonderful time there.
On another note it was a nice wedding, right by a lake. A Japanese style wedding. -That was muy fascinatin-o. I think we left there on the 9th? But I could be wrong. The trip, and summer actually, I never keep track of time.

Once we arrived at our rural destination in Southern Oregon you might have thought we were family'd out, right? Wrong... we had a family reunion for the other side of my family there. This was the 2nd one I really had with the whole of my dad's side. My mom's side I see all the time; they're chop liver.

When our days there were up we drove back to SoutherCali. I think it was a 14 hour drive.
Now you think I'm family'd out? Nonsense! My grandma drove back in the car with us!! She is here now!
End "The Long One, (Second One)."

On the trip I heard a lot of funny jokes and had lots of good ideas for drawings and posts on here.
I didn't check the grammar on here yet, so, who knows how're me spellin' en grammahhh wints. (Now that is the heart beat of the country!)