Friday, June 20, 2008

A few more Drawings

Father's Day Drawing. I did it with lions because when we were at the Wild Animal Park all the Cubs were right up at the glass. Pretty rad.

While drawing this Pizza-Joint-Guy, I imagined him singing the 'Happy Birthday' song
that restaurants are supposed to have. I have been eating out a bit of late and every time I see a waiter or a grease covered face teen sing the song, it's everything but happy.

Punk teen, hey that lolli-pop is looking kind of good. What is black and white flavor?

Ware wolf. Oh man, watch out you streets of London...this guy, dog, thing, is on the loose. Man, this would be a cool movie.

My other friends got jealous that they didn't get to be jedi's. Doesn't really look like them but that's their fault for being jealous. I love that how that guy's hoody-cape is flying up. Hahaha, I make myself laugh.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

A ton of Drawings

Careful: Ostrich with a Coffee...I went to the Wild Animal Park yesterday.

"Yo Quiero Taco Bell"

"And what's behind curtain number 3..?"
Have you ever noticed with game shows these days that they have an old, geezer-guy as host and a young-hip gal as co-host? The world never ceases to surprise.

I did this for the Toon Club topic: Jug Band. Click on it, I love it.

This is my awesome, jedi, friend, Holly that gives me awesome drawing ideas. Yes, she is a jedi...believe it.

Frankenstein's Monster...truck rally! Be there! ...Wow, that was lame.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I liked one and three better, but this was WAY better than the last Indy I posted on.

There is a story behind every drawing. Sometimes it's long and great, often times it's just "Hey, I haven't drawn that in awhile." Well, I hope you all are satisfied for awhile and I don't have to post so often.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Disneyland vs. San Diego Zoo

I'm so tired. I was just 2 days at Disneyland. And the week before I was at the San Diego Zoo. Not to mention all this stuff in between...
Well, remember all those pictures I promised you from the last post? Here are a few of them, I'll post the rest later this week I'm sure. And if you didn't know in that picture I'm holding a pass to Disneyland and the San Diego Zoo. These pictures coming up are all from the zoo, because if I posted drawings from Disneyland all it'd be is a few fat people and probably stuff from the haunted mansion...since we did that two too many times...

At the zoo we saw a bird that seriously looked like it had a powdered wig on.

We took the two storied-bus tour. The Giraffes were still taller then us.

I can't tell you how many huge people we saw at the Zoo, and even D-land. It seems to be a recurring thing, these fat people at the zoo..

Last time we went to Polar Bear plunge the bears were really active. This time we only saw one, and it was way in the back, chewing on a bone, with it's backside toward us.

The one thing we didn't actually see at the zoo that I drew. And I guess Mickey and the Panda weren't exactly there either... I like the banana launching over the the Kangaroos face. I wonder which one is gonna' win.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Summer is upon us...

Wow, time flies. I have been having some great and awesome times this week. For starters, I have been to Pasadena 4 times in the past week or so. And before that I was chilling with all the awesome people in OC.
Summer is finally here, and so far it has come with a great and extended bang. As of Tuesday my brother Zac and a ton of my friends have graduated from high school. Amazing! At times I wasn't sure if they would make it, but now I see that they are *sniffle* all grown up...I'm not gonna' cry. Seriously...I won't! Me on the other hand...well, I just have been "promoted" which basically means "Oh, great. You barely made it through your freshmen year, you still have three more years of school to go. And that's all till you start a ton more hard years in collage. So, have fun." ...yeah so that kinda' sucks. I was promoted on tues, although I worked really hard and have been off of school for about a week now.
Now, about this picture, I think this shows the real meaning of summer. You're at the pool playing, and goofing off. The creepy lifeguard looming over your head as you swim. They, looking like a buzzard just waiting to eat you, or bust you, whichever comes first. Yup, the true meaning of summer. (I think part of the reason they look so demented all the time is because you are in an awesome, chlorine filled pool, filled with fat and skinny people alike. Their nasty body oils mixing with your nasty body oils, and the lifeguards are all boiling, and their sweat is not being taken in through the mouth of the little kids that swallow the water.)
....Eww, that was so gross. Never mind, forget all that I have said about summer. I creeped myself out...eww

Well, this year I have decided to start the summer out right. If this works I have a bunch of drawings to show you all. This is gonna' be fun, and not in a weird, true summer like way...