Wednesday, October 17, 2012

You, Me, and Tom Kenny

There are times in your life when you get to do some pretty encouraging things. Recently I have had a lot more opportunities for awesome activities, more than I have had before... one such example...

Today, I had the privilege of going with some friends of mine to meet a few of my heroes. Today I met Tom Kenny (voice of Spongebob, Ice King, Mayor of Townsville, etc), Dave Pruiksma (animator of Mrs. Pots, Chip, etc), and David Kuhn (animator of Hades, Meeko, etc).

More than just meeting these guys and getting some real one on one conversation was more than just enjoyable, or even educational, it was encouraging. Not only for the fact that I got to meet professionals in the field, but also the fact that God would place friends in my life with connections to a few of these guys. 

God's plan for my life is encouraging, and the fact that God has given me friends who would invite me and my brother to such an awesome event. 

So encouraging!