Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Pixar Story

Halloween was yesterday, and I really have nothing more to show for it, but my trip to Pixar on the other hand...
Right outside of the front doors. Always a good way to start an epic, first time to Pixar, with one of Pixar's first short films: Luxo Jr. The area around this looked a surprising amount like the set of Gerry's Game, even though they made that short before they moved into this building, but I noticed it instantly.

Inside the front doors (which you have get insider access to get it).

Lego versions of my bros. After this we went around in the upstairs of Pixar and looked around at a bunch of art from Cars 2.

...But my favorite part of the trip was lunch! The food was cheap and the drinks were free! Oh, and meeting my ultimate storyboard hero of all time was pretty cool I guess...it was because of this tall guy, Bob Peterson, that I want to do storyboarding! And I met him! AT LUNCH! There's my friend Kevin and I with him.

This is the inside-man, or so I called him. He's the connection Kevin had to Pixar to get us in! He is pretty awesome...I mean he would have to be to have his picture on the wall that I could take a picture.

And last, but certainly not least, my friend Kevin; the guy who got me in (with Mr. Tanaka's help). Thanks so much Kevin for asking him to let me come along! I had an amazing time! One more childhood dream I never thought I would be able accomplish you made possible. Thanks a ton!

And last last, but most not least, my mom. I know I haven't given her much credit in this post, or when talking to any people about my trip, but my mom did all the work, I just came along for the fun part. My mom was the one who asked Kevin if he could ask Mr. Tanaka if I could come along, and thanks again Kevin for doing so. Not to mention that, she drove the long way from Tustin to Emeryville at two in the morning to getting to Pixar at 10, and then drove all the way back to our house, getting home at 10:30. Not to mention sitting around and waiting for me to be done at Pixar while I was touring around. Thank you SO MUCH Mom! Love you so much!

And that is my Pixar Story. If you have anymore questions I have plenty more thoughts and a few more pics from the place, and I would happy to put 'em up here. Until then, Happy Day After Halloween People!