Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's school really...

Hey hey hey! I haven't had a whole lot of time for drawing of late, so here are two of my billion quick sketches I do of various homework papers.

The first one is on one of my Spanish papers. A little bit above the oddly proportioned panda is where I learned dibujar-to draw.
Frogman was drawn on an Algebra 2 paper. Frogman is the favored super hero of one of my other characters. In my stories, Frogman is strictly a nerd super hero, meaning only nerds like him.

I figure that drawing pictures on my homework papers actually helps me learn. In fact, when my mom quizzes me on any Spanish vocab. page, I can't tell her what the word means, but I can tell her exactly what drawings are on that page and exactly where the drawings are on the page.
After drawing Frogman, I kept staring at it thinking about my "TV show's episodes" that involve him. For some reason my mom kept on covering the drawing with a book so I couldn't see it.

Overall I think drawing while listening to anything helps; lectures, music, sermons, etc....

So, it's school really.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Check-Out lane (Pre-Halloween post)

In all my experiences in grocery stores and places like those, I haven't really seen that many good looking people working at the places. The worst looking people usually end up working ... the check out lane. Who came up with that name anyway?

The check out lane is the last place where I would want to be "checked-out." People who run these grocery ..(horror).. stores have demented senses of humor in calling it what they do, and then making the ugly people work there. That is why this Halloween I will be wearing a hoody, a face mask, my Groucho Marx glasses and fake nose, because I am not going to be checked out at the check out lane!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Crazy Cartoon!

Remember when you were a kid and you had that sugary, sweet, kid cereal? Remember this morning when you had sugary, sweet kid cereal? I do. I also remember why I wanted to talk my mom into getting those cereals. It is for those crazy cartoon characters they have on the box! My cousin brought the subject of insane cereal dudes while we were on vacation together in July. This got us thinking... why don't gross, cardboard, adult cereals have crazy spokespersons? Maybe if they did, kids would be begging their parents for the "un-sugar-coated cardboard flakes, (now with fiber)".
Be looking out for this little guy on the Fiber-Os commercial, where the slogan for the cereal is, "When slow and steady, doesn't win the race!"

Well, looks like I've been upstaged by my good friend Daniel Torres again. I was planning on posting this turtle since I drew it way back then. Dan just happened to be posting a turtle right before I get to mine. No seriously, check out his blog, his art is amazing!