Wednesday, May 25, 2011

May Banner! Finally!

I started feeling bad after my little cousin said I didn't post anything anymore, so at that moment, I started drawing this. This is the banner I have for May. What does it mean, you ask? Well, bear with me as I tell you a tale of a poor child who waited for Summer to come...

Once upon a time there was a poor child who waited for Summer to come.

Well, there you have it. The big reveal at the ending of the story is this: that little boy was me at the beginning of this month. School is hard when Summer is so close to anyone's grasp, but I made it through alright. Now that my classes at the community college are done, its time for fun.

So, see ya' later summer haters!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Black and White and Rambly

Hey fellers. I haven't had time to do many more sketches, or photoshop work for that matter, so this is all you get. Both of these were concepts I have been working on for some time (especially the second one). The guy in the picture above is Tiki Man who is from a somewhat abandoned tv series I created called Tiki Man and Hammy Sam. The idea for the show was alright, but lacked the flair and wide range of characters I wanted for the concept. It's ok, however, I have hundreds of other ideas.
Guy number two is from a long developed story I have been working on probably since a little after I moved to Orange County. The story plays off the famed character, Buck Rogers, and the drawing here is of the main character of my version who is Buck Roger's son.

I did this drawing in the car on my family's epic road trip-tacular. All I can remember is it was done awkwardly on my lap, and Joey was bugging me about his pencil that I was using or something like that. Actually, I made up Tiki Man right before that same trip. Wow, good times. Not to be self-promoting, but you can read all about my epic-venture here.

Sorry about the long, rambly-ness, and the lack of color in this post. Summer has almost arrived, and I should be putting more photoshop work up once it comes. Until then, peace out.