Monday, January 16, 2012


Hey guys! I have been doing a lot of drawing lately; designing for my friend Foster, storyboarding with my friend Eric, and I started a new art blog called The Weekly Sketchbook with my friends! Crazy fun. Check it out here. All of these drawings here are for that blog. And actually the last two drawings, if you haven't figured it out already, are essentially the same one. Using the animation desk that I showed you last time, that has a lightbox, I drew that first red one up, then turned the light on, drew the blue one, and turned the light off, finishing with the graphite one. Traditional animation stuff. Sounds complicated, but it isn't really, except that the red one is done a different sheet of paper than the blue and graphite one.

The first one is Bullwinkle. When I think 'Moose' I immediately thought of him. There is no more famous Moose character in television to date! I remember when my parents first showed me Rocky & Bullwinkle as a kid. Now, when I watch it, I am surprised at how little cartoon there actually is. But, an amazing show nonetheless. You can pretty much watch all of the episodes on Netflix streaming now... and what could make Bullwinkle more memorable than a funky coloring job? Exactly. That's why I did it.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day everybody!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Look at what I got...

Pretty sweet, huh? I have been waiting for this for a while. Now, there went my savings... and yet, totally worth it.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Some quick sketches

Hey everyone! Happy New Year! Man, it is such a blessing to be on winter break, otherwise I wouldn't have drawn these little fellers here.

For Christmas I got two amazing books, The Art of Tangled, and a Disney Archives book on Animation. Both have been extremely helpful to look at and learn from, mostly because I am terrible at drawing females and animals. So, that's what I drew! Actually the first sketch I have up there I drew today as I was working on animal character designs for my awesome friend and brother in Christ, Foster. He's the guy who got me Photoshop! He works at Adobe, and on the side makes iphone/ipad apps. I have had the privilege of working on some characters for graphics that are going to go into one of his games! Don't know if this lion will be in it, but it was fun to draw so I thought I might as well put it up here.

One of my family's other gifts this year was The Lion King on blu-ray (I know, heavy on the Disney gifts this year, right?). The film is just as awesome as it has always been, blu-ray or not. Last night my youngest brother and I spent something like an hour and a half looking at the gallery while I sketched which really helped me figure out this drawing.

I am also working on storyboarding a short film with my friend who was the Assistant Director of another friend's short film which I helped storyboard way back when. Maybe I will actually get some storyboards from this film up here.

Happy Syllabus Day to all you who are starting school! And to the rest of us, Happy Rubbing in How Long Our Christmas Break Is Day! God bless!