Saturday, May 29, 2010

Real Life

Continued It's Life video'ers. Don't think that this is actually how I think about life, yard work, or my dog's poop, I'm just saying stuff to be funny (or trying to be).

If I was actually being serious then my brother and I wouldn't have given the name of these videos "It's Life" with a negative meaning, because Life is the greatest gift from God. I, deserving to die eternally in Hell, never to know love, or hope, or peace, or family, or friends should have nothing to complain about. Now God has made me alive in him, through him, and counted as him! And the worst part of Hell is eternal separation from God. I shouldn't have known him, and let alone be justified by his blameless life and perfect obedience to the Father to be able to come before his thrown and cry, "ABBA! Father!" I the one who should have died forever now have life forever. "The rebel now your child." -The Prodigal.

Well, another thing to praise God for is summer vacation! I have so much planned out, as I have said in the videos.

One of which is yard work which I haven't done for awhile, and though it doesn't sound like it in the video, it is good to be back. But to be honest there were a ton of spiders out there, I was fine until I saw a really huge creepy one... well, yard work is off my list for summer now.

Anyway, here is the drawing I did in between the video in the kitchen and the one sitting down. I love quick sketches because just like when someone is coming over to your house un-invited, you don't have to make it look nice! At least that's the excuse. Happy summer everyone!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I tried to warn you Woody, but you wouldn't listen

Dude, I am so stoked for Toy Story 3! I have nearly been counting down the days until it's arrival. Just like Pixar's other movies, even sequels, have all been amazing, so too will this movies shine in the box office. The only thing I have to question Pixar about (aside from making yet another Toy Story movie) is their re-releasing of Toy Story and Toy Story 2 back in theaters with 3-D as the only draw. But no matter what I have said, the first Toy Story is my favorite movie of all time.

My summer has started pretty much epic-ly with cool stuff happening. I will list them in an orderly fashion to make up for my making up the epic-ly, and started the first paragraph with "Dude".

Epic-ly things in no particular order or oder: 1) Schools out.

2) The pool near my house opened up, and I have been there more hours than I haven't.

3) Is a magic number.

4 When you push shift is money) ...Had friends over, and been with friends at places.

5) ABC's LOST is finally over...kind of a bummer actually. I loved the zombiefied versions of my family and their great philosophical ideas about the show all to be thrown down the pooper. ha.

6) Choir is out.

7 is a lucky number) Super Mario Galaxy 2 came out. Man, more sequels... After I bought the game, I haven't really had time to play it since my brothers have been. They tell me to finish the first game first-I tell them to shut up.

8 is a lucky number in China) I told my brothers to shut up. ha

9) Still no oder!

10) Beach.

11) Guitar/other music.

12) Drawing.

Sir, I hope to be putting up some more drawings and figuring out how to use photoshop soon. The pic above is gonna be more blue/silhouette type looking.

Friend, I gotta be going...typing big huge long post isn't on my oder free list. (And I didn't start the last two paragraphs with dude.)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Worldwide apology

Hey all, this has nothing to do with Mothers' Day, sorry. Recently I've been feeling as though the Lord has been convicting me about be a critic about everything. As you three readers probably know, I make fun of stuff, especially in the media, all the time. It has been eye opening and somewhat sobering to know that people recognize me as someone who tears people down and critiques everything. People have even brought stuff to me that they are in the process of writing so I can tell them where they screwed up. Well, I am just now starting to feel bad about this, and I am afraid that I have hurt people. So, I am sorry. Sorry if you like Owl City! Ha! No, I'm just kidding, sorry. Really...Their, I mean his music is actually pretty cool. Sorry for being a hater.
Yeah I'm a real man not even personalizing my apology, but this is all I got.

I will get back to my regularly scheduled program whenever I get around to drawing something.