Saturday, May 24, 2008

Temple of Dumb

Wow, last night we had a sleepover and because we watched the old Indiana Jones some time ago, and because of The Crystal Skull, and because we realized none of us had seen the 2nd Indy, we watched it. I know that was a bit of an extended sentence but don't worry, I'm sure before this post is over there will be longer. Anyway, we now know why none of us had seen this one... It was, well, a riot. I laughed through the whole thing, not just because the movie had funny parts, but because how bad it was. I think this picture describes my review quite well. Note to any one that wants to see this movie, don't. It'd be better for your health if you didn't. But if you really wanna' see what I'm talking about, go right ahead. Just don't expect me to go over and watch it with you...

Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Ileanna

Ileanna turns three today, another little girl's b-day I have posted on here. (Above) Ileanna (3) and Angel (1) the pictures were taken before Easter, believe...
This is the better side of Ileanna and Angel, my mom know the bitter 2 year old-just turned 3 year old side of Ileanna... I tried to show just a glimpse of my mom's life in the drawing below. "Happy Mother's Day" so yea, I cheaped out and just gave my mom a drawing for Mother's Day. But it's on the fridge so it can't be that bad.

If the proportions were proper my mom would (in this drawing) be 6' 1'' or 2'', Ileanna and Angel would almost be the same height. My dog, Tawnie, would only be 3' 4'', the chair would be 4' 1/2'' and the phone would be the same height as Ileanna and Angel...

By the way, I saw Prince Caspian. I thought about doing a movie review, then I realized I didn't want to.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Weird

This past week I was talking to my friend Holly via instant messenger. I was going to type, "yeah, I'm weird," but it came out as, "I'm the weird." So, my friend and I decided the he should be a super hero.
I had already done a lite sketch of a buff-bod on my math paper, it was going to be a robot or something. (A buff robot? that would be weird) So, hence during math I drew the first ever, The Weird doodle the world has ever seen!! And look how much it has changed the world...or at least this blog.

So, this is the very first 'The Weird' comic book...issue 27! I did a random number because, seriously when have u ever seen a first to any comic book. It is always at least its 26 issue. The main thing I like about this cover is I drew my old comic book label. I haven't drawn that thing in ages.

On a much different-er note, the long awaited Prince Caspian is coming out tomorrow. Though I doubt it will have any mermaid-chess players...

Here is a link to the trailer:

Friday, May 9, 2008

My kind of fishing.

Out of all my times of fishing (which isn't all that much), I have never caught a single fish. With my luck I probably wouldn't even catch that fish in the bowl. But not catching any fish is not my fault. Different times a few of the problems were, no fish in the lake we were fishing at, not good bait, just not biting...etc. Never been my fault!
Well, I drew this while at a Career Night. It was very interesting to listen to all the peoples' jobs and line of work they currently have. Afterward was a question and answer time, I had questions but I didn't know how to ask I guess. My friend Stephen summed it up the best way possible, "I sort of understand what you're saying, but then again I sorta' don't. Yeah, my question would be 'could you talk for ten more minutes?'" Thankfully non of the speakers were fisherman than I would have been swamped. Haha, pun...never mind.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Superman!! ..and drawings

Superman, man, I love this drawing. Though he's not my favorite hero, he got us through the depression and I owe all the super heroes we have today to him.

This is a game that my brother and I play...


I did this trying to do what some great artists I know do, do their drawings over with felt pen.

Bumblebee, I don't really like transformers, but I guess I like giant, fighting, robots.

Zac has sweet target hook-ups so when I woke up last Sunday to them playing Mario Kart Wii. I noticed while I was playing I was saying, "die, die!" and driving like a crazy person. Great way to get young people already started on road rage before they even start driving, Nintendo....

I like this drawing, but sadly all the drawings of me I put on here seem to have me looking, well, sad.

I guess I've been clowning around. Not really doing anything, just having Road Rage in my living room. Went to Disneyland today, so far Micky is beating the Panda's pants off.