Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Wow, I haven't been on in awhile, here are some drawings that are sort of like Gary Larson's "The Farside" in that they have one line jokes or phrases to them...

Formally Teacher's Pet

"Don't count your chickens before they hatch."


Billy ...ah man, good times

Narwal Playing Pool

One of the hatched chickens?


Ok, so I know that only one of these actually has one word...but a line could be a phrase right?

I've been up to alot of stuff this past week, gone from Monday morning to Saturday night! I had three days of S.A.T.s, other days out on a campout...Busy stuff! But I'm glad to be home with all its comforts. Like this computer, where would I be without it? Probably out on the edge of some desert with firends, baking in the sun, with a lake right next to us--that we couldn't swim in, and have to sleep in ripped up tents and survive on stake. Man, life was sounding pretty bad till I got to talking about food. I guess that stake makes up for the sunburns and suddenly freezing cold nights, not so much for all the snakes and awsome lake, (that we couldn't swim in...) Thankfully, this will never happen in my life....


Friday, April 11, 2008

Look at the fat one.

This is an actual scene from my last visit to the San Diego zoo. At the orangutan cages a kind of "big" lady was looking at one such orangutan-individual and said, "Look at the fat one." Then turned to her friend, "Hey, you want a snack?" while taking a bite of something.
I've taken some liberties with some of the stuff in the drawing, the orangutan looking at the camera, the hot-dog she is eating, but other than that this is about how it was.

Just before this 'Saturday Night Live' skit happened before my eyes, was an elderly woman on her knees, making faces and seemed to be communicating with the orangutan that had walked up to the glass... From my observation they seemed to have a nice conversation. Must've been something in mutual interest like: kids, grandkids, or bananas or something. One of the three I'm sure.
Yes, out of all my times at the zoo I have found that some of the wildest things in the zoo, are the people there.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Things I never draw

I never draw Platypi/Platypuses, Hippos, and especially not them together playing that paper-football-game. I like how the hippo has to stick up his arms because it has no fingers.

When I was a baby and my older brother Zac was two, we were playing behind a tipped up couch. The couch started to fall and Zac grabbed the couch and "saved my life." He has been bugging me about this on and off since then...