Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More Birthday Times!

Well, like I said in my last post I just had a birthday. I also mentioned that I was a little busy (and if I didn't it was because I was so busy that I never had the chance to say it). But I was able to create this month's banner by using ...(pause for dramatic drum-roll)... a Bamboo Tablet!-which was one of the gifts I received from my good buddies the Torres Boyz! And Paul too. What's a bamboo tablet you ask? -Well here you go, admire to your heart's content.

Another thing I said in my last post, or didn't, is that there are a lot of good hangout times been going on lately; prayer/game night-hangout on Friday, Celebrate the Baird family party Saturday, Church and all day hang out with the Torres Boyz Sunday! Wooohoooo!! God has been so gracious, and has given me such good friends! -Thanks again guys for the Bamboo tablet! It is awesome!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Birthday and Other Things

Hey ya'll, I had a birthday! It was great! God has blessed me with so much, and so many good friends! My ear is probably still ringing from all the cheering. Haha. No, my friends are so awesome.
This week we had Prayer Seminar with our church and other churches, and this week is my spring break. So, great things ahoy!

(I hope this cheesy, microsoft-paint picture covers for all the pictures I haven't drawn and put on my blog. Haha.)