Friday, February 29, 2008

Some Fish

This first one I drew for my friend Holly

This one I drew for biology, I was learning about these two fish...
The spots and stripes are on the wrong parts, oh well..

Now this pic below is awesome! Holly did this up for me, using Colin's sunglasses and photo'shopped them on to a pic of me :D Thanks Holly!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

San Diego Zoo

We got passes to the San Diego Zoo! It's the best! We went there on Monday... Wow, the year of the Rat is the year for passes. I got my Disneyland pass in January. I don't know which pass is better, so I'll let these guys figure it out...

In the San Diego Zoo, the Polar Bear cage is called, Polar Bear Plunge. My brother Joey gave me this idea...

'Bear Hug'

I bet there'll be A LOT more posts about the zoo. On monday I took 200-and some pics... I'm a little dissapointed that I didn't post the pics of my fav. animal, Panda Bears. I'll probably post about 'em sometime...

The Zoo is great, there are soo many great characters, this is a bad picture but this Bird looked so dopey I had to make him into a cartoon. Why it looked so goofy is because the bill looked as long as its body...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Rainy Day Sketches

Here are some random drawings I did some time ago. 2008 is the year of the rat...

This is that dog I talked about a few posts ago, the one with brown around it's eyes. Thanks pitbulldog for a good drawing concept..

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentines Day

Alright, let the Valentine drawings roll in!

The thing that the man is pointing at says, The Love Tunnel. (above) I like to think that every drawing has a story behind it. I don't really know the story behind this one. But I do know it can be one of two things, either the boy has a romantic proposel in mind for his girlfriend. Either that or they're gender confused.
Either way, this picture makes me laugh.
(also the building in the upper-left is a tribute to my fav. ride at California Adventure, Tower of Terror)

Zac said that Cupid had hair, ha! Then he might as well be fat as well! Now, look at Cupid's eyes and his arm poisitioning, Cupid along with having hair, also has terrible aim.

This is me on Valentines Day.

Now if you didn't guess I have an opinion on this holiday. For those of you, who (like me) don't really like reading a long and opinionative post, I have summed up all I'm going to say in to this:

Valentines day might be all fine and good for those who "have" someone. To the rest of us (that don't), we can think of this holiday as a day to ponder 1 Cor. 16:14. Which says, "Let all that you do be done in love." (ESV) Which means that not just on Valentines day but also everday and in everything. So, we actually do "have" someone, we have God.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Like Owner like dog?

Today as I was walking to the pool, I saw a husky man walking his husky bulldog-pit bull. I noticed right away that the pitbulldog had brown around his eyes, they kinda' looked like brown glasses. The owner was wearing sunglasses. He waved and for a second I almost expected to see his dog wave as well, since they were so similar.
my mom saw me putting this pic on here and instantly she knew what it was, she laughed.
(sorry I had to take a pic of a pic, i need photoshop)

Thursday, February 7, 2008


Well, today is Angel's birthday. Yesterday, she fell and her eye looks as though she has a black eye, but as my mom keeps saying, it's not black, yet...

I was working on a story outside on my trampoline today which I might still do, but while I was going out, the age old story of Tawnie running after a bird. And as always, the bird flew up on the wall and chirped. Birds love mocking us, specially Tawnie. I feel bad for her, the crows sometimes circle right obove our house crowing, (which sounds much more like laughing) and swoop down just out of her reach to mock her. so I ditched the other story and worte this one,

Tawnie sits in the backyard with eyes ever on her,
The afternoon looks pretty boring, then down swoops a blur.

The blur lands on a chair with evil pranks to plan,
This crow and others make up a childish clan.

Tawnie, seeing the black bit of wing,
Runs as fast as she can, to catch that evil thing.

She lunges with speed, but oh, is too late,
The bird flies overhead and lands on the gate.

Mocking and chuckling to themselves as crows often do,
They’re mean taunts seem to say, “We got you!”

The dog runs fast as lighting biting this way and that,
She almost caught the crow, but that flying rat,

Flew up and with a retreating look in his eye,
Flew in the tree where the dog could not reach it was too high.

He recovered, while the other birds just chirped and cried and was brought to tears,
“These birds,” Tawnie growled, “have bothered me for years!”

“You cowards!” Tawnie barked showing off her fangs,
But the noise of laughter was in Tawnie’s ears, and it rang.

“If I had wings like you dolts, I could have you in my grasp,
Then you stupid birds would feel my k-9 wrath!”

They laughed on and with their chirps they said,
“You’ll never catch us, if you do call us fools,” what was in Tawnie’s face was anticipation and drool.

Then more crows leaped off the tree and the story happened again,
By this time Tawnie was getting tired of this trend.

“I’m tired of those crows making fun of me,
I wish I had a wing or two, or three?”

The crows, chuckled on, how this amazing thing happened no one knows,
But as Tawnie was feeling down three wings did grow!

The crows slowly stopped laughing, they watched with amazement,
If the dog wasn’t there enemy this would have been great entertainment.

Fur and feathers were in the air and with some difficulty,
The dog flew over to them, she was now a ‘wing-ed Tawnie.’

The crows flew and scattered, and Tawnie said with a growl,
“Ha, ha! I’ve got you now, you foul fowls!”

She chased and dashed and threw the birds off guard,
She chased those nasty birds all around the yard.

But what goes up must come down,
The third wing threw Tawnie off, and went crashing to the ground.

The clan got themselves back together, while the wings disappeared.
“So much for the flying pet,” one of the crows jeered.

“Hmm,” Tawnie sighed, “I guess this is the way things should be.”
And the crows continued to laugh, and bug, sitting Tawnie.

yes, i know, 'grasp' and 'wrath' don't look or sound like they ryme at all. Well, that's because, they don't. I wrote this on-spot i guess you could say? ya, whadd'a ya want? if you want one that real thought went into read the other ryming story I put on here,

well, i don't like this one as much as my last post. speaking of last post. my youngest brother pointed out that, when susan metions the mer-people she doesn't exactly say that she played chess with them. just that they were singing while she and others played chess...

aight I'm outta' here, ttyl (ta, ta, ya lemons)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Starting monday, I started to read the oringinal 2nd book in the Chronicals of Narnia, "Prince Caspian" It's a great book, but one could expect that from C.S. Lewis. I won't tell the story because of the upcomming movie... I will tell you the story behind this drawing.
In the 2nd chapter Susan finds a golden chess peice, it turns out it's there's, just very old... "It brings back-oh, such lovely times," said Susan, "And I remember playing chess with fauns and good giants, and the mer-people singing in the sea..." so I thought, How can you play chess with a mermaid? how can that even happen...? I know for me, playing chess would be the last thing I would do with a mermaid. so i drew susan, playing chess w/ the mermaid...

But don't get me wrong, mermaids are awesome! in sooo many ways! here are a few...
  • They live and breath water, very cool
  • Mermaids have awesome singing voices that would make any octopus-witch jealous
  • Half their bodies are something like fish tails, which I have to say is their coolest attribute
  • And along with the last one, mermaids are part fish, part human. (Who was doing the whacked-up breeding, no idea) but along with that they even help Darwin's theory. He said we started out as fish-like creatures right? screw monkeys. Mermaids are missing links.

ok, I don't know if that last one was cool, but whatever, mermaids are awesome.