Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's a draw (No pun intended)

I love the way that Shane puts vacations: "But because vacation days are so limited, I refuse to waste them on boring activities like "resting" or "breathing." In fact, I can't think of the last time I had a day off that wasn't considerably more exhausting than going to work would have been."
I'm not sure there have ever been vacations that I have actually rested well. Think about it... Camping, hoteling, moteling... you name it. I have even been at my house (at least the sleeping part) but the hours aren't great.

This break was the break for theme parks. In this Christmas break I went twice to Disneyland, then Knotts all day the day after the all day second Disneyland trip (which was earlier in the month), then two days ago I went to Six Flags Magic Mountain. The day after that wasn't that exciting. I went to the doctors office for flu shots. ...Didn't think I needed to draw that one.

This drawing symbolizes the tiring, but fun days I had at the amusement parks. Each park playing rock paper scissors. They are at a draw. I was thinking about drawing some of the handsome people I went with to these places, but I couldn't do them justice. So, I will leave you with the cartoon characters that bring the kids to the character's respective park. The reason Mickey is so surprised because he is the only one that I have a pass to go to. Can't believe that he tied.

Sure, I do have a favorite park, but it's not just the ride that make the park so great... it's who you go with. (So it was easy to decide which park was my favorite since I went with just about the same people every time.)

I would say that there is hope for the rest of my vacation, but alas the new year is all that is left. I'm going to die. Just maybe not this vacation.

So long my handsome readers. Have a restful new year!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sorry Daniel

Now this is a labor force. Or what I like to call forced labor. Jolly old Saint Nicholas my chimney! Santa is a nice guy, or so people thought. I haven't heard of a creepier person. *Truly look it *up. I'm sorry that I have to be the bearer of bad news, but this has to be seen. I'm sorry this isn't perfectly accurate...I forgot to draw the chains.

You don't really hear about the elves in Christmas music. Why do you think that is? Santa lets the media see what he wants them to see. The only one that may be some what close is "The Night Santa Went Crazy" by Weird Al. But that didn't even talk about the chains. Enslaved Elves Inc.

Well one thing is for sure-that little elf on the left should be played by *Cheech Marin.

* Thanks to Shane Lewis, Emily Macadam and Wikipedia.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

...'n Jake

Hey, sorry I had to post two in one day again. I would have posted them both in the same post, but then you couldn't click on them to look at 'em.

To explain the one below. I didn't draw it very well, but those are saws on the ground with the cut out of the barn with them. You can figure out the rest, bloke.

I decided that I would make some political jokes in this comic strip. It is just so easy to make fun of people in politics. Hey, maybe this will count for my U.S. Government class.

I'm having to hold myself back from posting Santa and from posting in Spanish. I'm really working on self-control here. Thanks for all your comments!


If you don't get the joke than you can go and choke. NO, ooh nooo, I mean, I will call you a bloke ...?

You can't die, I love you guys. And (maybe more importantly) no one would be here to read my blog.