Saturday, August 30, 2008


Ok you guys. About my next post being more "exciting"...well it isn't. But I can direct you to a blog which is always satisfying and makes me laugh just about every time. It is the blog of Shane Lewis, an artist for Avalanche, (one of Disney's video game providers). His most recent post, Beach vs. Ocean made me laugh out loud! No, I don't use "texting lingo" on my blog. I'm going to regret saying that later I'm sure.

Well, I have some bad news boys. My blog is about to become more and more on the down side of the blogs you check. (As if it was on the up side before...) What I mean is, well, we have been beta testing the printer we have from Kodak so that is how I have been able to scan pictures in. But it is now time to give it back along with our review of it. So, I'm sorry to say. I will not have any drawings on here for a long time. 'Till I get a scanner, or scan it at a friends house. My mom says she will buy one in maybe a couple months or a year....
Well, have fun. But I still will be posting, it just probably won't be drawings, and art stuff from my life. I have to expand the other things I do in my life, I suppose. Um, first I have to think of some...
But I do have some 'ok' news.. I started an art class at Irvine City Collage with my friend Colin, So, I guess I'll have to show you (as my friend Holly put it) my art in the flesh.
All right, so make sure to check these guys blogs!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mean Marlene

Hey everyone, sorry this blog has been kind of boring recently. I'm sorry to say it still will be for a while. But I can promise you that my next post will be a little more exciting.
I went of vacation to the little town of Nice, CA. And the hotel place we staid at fit it's town's name nicely. I will post pictures of the trip maybe on here or on facebook.
My cousins came up with a game called: Oh! Grandma. It is totally marketable, it's awesome! Anyway, one of the characters you can play as is named 'Mean Marlene' ...hence this drawing.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Hey everyone!! Sorry, yet another post with no pictures in it. I am too busy watching the Olympics. But just so we're all cool, I haven't been up to much, playing guitar, reading, going to the beach, going across the United States... so nothing too big or unusual.

All right, well I'll talk to y'all later, GO TEAM USA.